A Word About Film Capsule

Welcome to Film Capsule, your source for easily digestible reviews.

I started Film Capsule in October 2010 as a forum to catalog my film watching and share my opinion of the movies I watch. The idea was to create a spot where any film writing was fair game: old films and new, highbrow and low, I hope to cover a little bit of everything. Most capsules will be short, but I may post longer reviews, essays or features as I continue to post.
Have an idea for a film review or feature article you’d like to read? Want to see what I think of a polarizing film or see if I can make it through Saló? E-mail me at filmcapsuleblog@gmail.com with any requests, suggestions or comments.

A Word About Me – John DeCarli

Review History

I’ve been interested in film and film criticism since 6th grade. Before my embarrassing angelfire site, I posted reviews on cork boards around middle school. After that, I wrote teen reviews for  Wilmington, DE’s The News Journal and for my high school paper The Whittier Miscellany. At Tufts University I wrote for the Observer and currently contribute to various online publications, including NewEnglandFilm.com. If you’re interested in using my writing for your publication, please contact me at filmcapsuleblog@gmail.com.

Film Taste

Over the years, I’ve tried to expose myself to as many different types of film as possible. Among my all-time favorites are Vertigo, Chinatown, Amarcord, City Lights and The Big Lebowski. I also love directors like Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Stanley Kubrick, Michael Powell and Bong Joon-ho. Recently, I’ve been catching up on B horror films, documentaries and classic Westerns.

A Word About Star Ratings

Assigning star ratings to films is an imperfect science. All reviews on Film Capsule are rated from 1 to 5 stars, no half stars. I’ve chosen this system primarily because of mubi.com (username: johnnyd), but I think it’s a good one. 1 star films are duds, boring and insipid. 2 star films are primarily misfires, but have some redeeming qualities. 3 star films, the majority, are movies I like with reservations. 4 star movies are great, but 5 stars are reserved for only my favorites.