Filmmaking duo Dan Black and Ryan Convery took a crazy idea and $7,000 and turned it into Joy and the Apocalypse, a Boston-based independent film that’s now hit both local television and the big screen.


“The sky is falling,” exclaims one character in the new film Joy and the Apocalypse, a drama set on the eve of the apocalypse. As any independent filmmaker will tell you, making a low-budget film isn’t easy. It takes resources, connections, lots of skill and even a bit of luck. Sometimes it may even be the filmmaker claiming that the sky is falling. But with an eye for screenwriting, a love of planning and a knack for business, directors Dan Black and Ryan Convery managed to get their film off the ground and even on the air at MyTV New England. I spoke with the directors after the film’s broadcast debut and theatrical premiere, for a piece at

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