I recently shot this five-minute short film as an experiment in long take. The long take, for me, is one of the most important tools in a filmmaker’s arsenal and one of film’s most elemental ingredients. I’m particularly interested in how extended shots can imbue locations or objects with a personality, something most directors choose not to spend time on. Take for example, the patience of Michelangelo Antonioni’s “dead time,” or Andrei Tarkovsky’s willingness to linger on a scene.

Of course, this short piece does not live up to those lofty standards, but by moving the characters around a series of simple pans, I hoped to give the setting a life independent of the people inside it. The film also gave me a chance to play around with some ideas I frequently hear as a Media Studies student. As new forms of media are created, do older ones fade away or become absorbed into their successors? Or does it even matter if you’re just trying to finish your research paper and get out of the library?