Lanham, second from left

Before October, Bangor native Andrew Lanham was, like many young screenwriters, studying writing in graduate school, diligently working on his craft and hoping to one day see his scripts reach the big screen. Then, with one phone call from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, his career took off. Lanham’s script, The Jumper of Maine, was chosen as a winner of the prestigious Nicholl Fellowship for unproduced screenwriters. Since then, the script has gone on to win two more awards at the Austin Film Festival and was selected to be performed as a staged reading by the Texas cultural arts center Ballroom Marfa. A producer has even signed on to help turn the script into a film. “Winning the awards has done nothing less than start my career,” Lanham says. Yet while a lot has changed for the writer, he remains focused on his work and on nurturing his love for the craft of screenwriting.

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