This is my 100th post on Film Capsule! It’s been a lot of fun writing so much about film the last year and I look forward to a lot more material to come. Some of the highlights for me have been attending and covering last year’s New York Film Festival, recording two podcasts with my friend Ian and getting the opportunity to meet and interact with other critics around the web.

I may have been a bit slow getting to my 100th post so this is the perfect forum to vow to reach 200 much faster! I plan to continue writing a mix of capsules on films new and old, and also to try out new features and segments. I recently linked to the new Film Capsule Vimeo page, and I hope to add more video content there in the future. I’ve also been working on a new design for the blog that I’m excited to implement soon.

Lastly, I’d really like to find more opportunities to interact with whoever’s reading, through comments, polls or other means. As always, I encourage any thoughts or feedback on content you’d like to see. And most importantly, thank you for reading and following, and remember to take two daily.

– John